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California Baby Calming Cream 2oz

$18.13 $25.90


  • Age: Newborn and older
  • For Use: Face and Body
  • Scent: Our special Calming™ pure essential oil blend that includes French Lavender.
  • Product description: The whole family will delight in California Baby®'s rich & creamy non-comedogenic moisturizer; it offers deep hydration, absorbs completely, and leaves skin feeling satiny smooth. Use daily for everyday protection and especially when the air is dry and baby's skin needs relief. For best results, we suggest that you try this cream and⁄or California Baby® Calendula Cream in combination with any of our Shampoo & Bodywashes. Also add California Baby® Calming™ Soothing & Healing Spray, and any of our mineral-based sunscreens to your skin care regime.
  • A Mommy-Tip from Jessica, Developer of California Baby®:Use daily for everyday protection, especially when the air is dry and baby's skin needs relief!
  • For Grownups: Even dads (and we know how picky they can be!) appreciate our essential oil blend for its soothing properties, and report that this moisturizing cream is an excellent shaving cream and aftershave.